18 Dec 2015

Our new record Purple is out today, we hope you enjoy.

Starting today, a limited cassette of Purple is available free with the purchase of Purple on CD or LP at select stores starting today, while supplies last. List of participating stores below.

From us: http://smarturl.it/baronessstore
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ipurple
Amazon: http://smarturl.it/apurple
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/sp-purple


Photo by Jimmy Hubbard

Electric Fetus
     Minneapolis, MN
     Duluth, MN
Exclusive Co
     Oshkosh, WI
     West Bend, WI
     Appleton, WI
     Green Bay, WI
     Milwaukee, WI
     Greenfield, WI
     Janesville, WI
Dearborn Music
     Dearborn, MI
Shake It
     Cincinnati, OH
     Omaha, NE
Strictly Discs
     Madison, WI
Culture Clash
     Toldeo, OH
     Chicago, IL
     Grand Rapids, MI
     Bowling Green, OH
     Kalamazoo, MI
Magnolia T-Pussy
     Columbus, OH
Record Den
     Mentor, OH
     Des Moines, IA
Rolling Stone
     Norridge, IL
     Indianapolis, IN
     Bloomington, IN
Neat Neat Neat
     Ft. Wayne, IN
     Indianapolis, IN
     Shelbyville, IN
     Warsaw, IN
Waiting Room
     Normal, IL
     Ann Arbor, MI
     Columbus, OH
Kiss The Sky
     Batvia, IL
Madcity Music
     Madison, WI
Down In The Valley
     Golden Valley, MN
     Crystal, MN
     Maple Grove, MN
Reckless Records
     Chicago, IL     
Indy CD
     Indianapolis, IN
     Chicago, IL
Exile on Main St
     Champaign, IL
Flat Black & Circular
     East Lansing, MI
     Royal Oaks, MI
Plaid Room Records
     Loveland, OH
Lost Weekend
     Columbus, OH
Radio Kaos
     Stevens Point, WI
Toad Hall
     Rockford, IL
Wooden Nickel
     Ft. Wayne, IN
Street Corner Music
     Oak Park, MI
     Dayton, OH
Algonquin Records
     Algonquin, IL
Music Saves
     Cleveland, OH
Used KIds
     Columbus, OH
Joe’s Records
     Evansville, IN
Shugah Records
     Chicago, IL
Barely Bros
     Minneapolis, MN
Know Name
     Minneapolis, MN
Encore Records
     Ann Arbor, MI
Mad Hatter
     Fondulac, WI
Mill City Sound
     Hopkins, MN
     Dubuque, IA
Rediscover Records
     Elgin, IL
Square Records
     Akron, OH
     Los Angeles, CA
     San Francisco, CA
     Brooklyn, NY
     Houson, TX
End of An Ear
     Austin, TX
     St. Louis, MO
     Long Beach, CA
Good Records
     Dallas, TX
     Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
     Colorado Springs, CO
     Pueblo, CO
     Fountain, CO
Lou’s Records
     Encinitas, CA
Mills Record Co
     Kansas City, KS
     Claremont, CA
     Ventura, CA
     Phoenix, AZ
     San Marcos, TX
Twist and Shout
     Denver, CO
Vintage Vinyl
     St. Louis, MO
     Austin, TX
Zia Records
     Phoenix, AZ
     Chandler, AZ
     Tucson, AZ
     Las Vegas, NV
Jack’s Music Shop
     Red Bank, NJ
Mad Platter
     West Chester, PA
Princeton Record Exchange
     Princeton, NJ
Scotti’s Record Show
     Summit, NH
Pure Pop
     Burlington, VT
Vintage Vinyl
     Fords, NJ
Looney Tunes
     West Babylon, NY
BK Music
     Richmond, VA
Young Ones
     Kutztown, PA
Angry Young and Poor
     Lancaster, PA
Gallery of Sound
     Wilkes-Barre, PA
     Dickson City, PA
     West Hazleton, PA
Darkside Records
     Poughkeepsie, NY
Creep Records
     Philadelphia, PA
The Groove Record Shop
     Norfolk, VA
Daves Music Mine
     Pittsburgh, PA
Exile On Main St.
     Brandord, CT
Lakeshore Record Exchange
     Rochester, NY
Repo Records
     Philadelphia, PA
Plan 9
     Richmond, VA
Record Theatre
     Buffalo, NY
     Amherst, NY
     Beacon, NY
Bull Moose
     Portland, ME
     Keene, NH
     Brunswick, ME
     North Windham, ME
     Lewiston, ME
     Portsmouth, NH
     Sanford, ME
     Waterville, ME
     Bangor, ME
     Salem, NH
     Scarborough, ME
     South Portland, ME
Cheap Thrills
     Princeton, WV
     Beckley, WV
The Record Exchange
     Silver Spring, MD
     Frederick, MD
Crooked Beat
     Washington, DC
Criminal Records
     Atlanta, GA
Disc Exchange
     Knoxville, TN
Park Ave CDs
     Orlando, FL
Monster Music
     Charleston, SC
     Nashville, TN
School Kids
     Raleigh, NC
Sunbrimmer Records
     Atlanta, GA
Oz Music
     Tuscaloosa, AL
Arkansas Record Exchange
     Little Rock, AR
Daddy Kool Records
     St. Petersburg, FL
     Hattiesburg, MS
CD Cellar
     Anniston, AL
CD Central
     Lexington, KY
Bull City Records
     Durham, NC
     Greenville, SC
Lunchbox Records
     Charlotte, NC
Decatur CD
     Decatur, GA
     Winston-Salem, NC
Schoolkids #2
     Durham, NC
Wax N Facts
     Atlanta, GA
Harvest Records
     Asheville, NC
     Athens, GA
     Decatur, GA
The Groove
     Nashville, TN
East West Records
     Orlando, FL
Radio Active
     Fort Lauderdale, FL
The End of All Music
     Oxford, MS
Seasick Records
     Birmingham, AL
Horizon Records
     Greenville, SC
Central Square
     Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Guestroom Records
     Louisville, KY
Mojo Vinyl
     Roswell, GA
     New Orleans, LA
Fantasyland Records
     Atlanta, GA
Euclid Records
     New Orleans, LA
Gravity Records
     Wilmington, NC
Wild Honey Records
     Knoxville, TN
Sweat Records
     Miami, FL
Fond Object
     Nashville, TN
Al Bums Record Shoppe
     Acworth, GA
Sounds Good Music
     St. Lucie, FL
Graveface Records
     Savannah, GA
Half Price Books
     Dallas, TX
     Taylorsville, UT
     Bountiful, UT
     Ogden, UT
     Draper, UT
     Salt Lake City, UT
Music Millennium
     Portland, OR
Easy Street Records
     Seattle, WA
Silver Platters
     Seattle, WA
     Bellevue, WA
1-2-3-4 Go! Records
     Oakland, CA
     San Francisco, CA
Rainy Day Record Co.
     Olympia, WA
Streetlight Records
     Santa Cruz, CA
     San Jose, CA
2nd Avenue Records
     Portland, OR
Dimple Records
     Sacramento, CA
     Citrus Heights, CA
     Roseville, CA
     Elk Grove, CA
     Folsom, CA
     Davis, CA
Everyday Music
     Portland, OR
     Beaverton, OR
     Seattle, WA
     Bellingham, WA
Rasputin Music
     Berkeley, CA
     Campbell, CA
     Concord, CA
     Fresno, CA
     Modesto, CA
     Mountain View, CA
     San Francisco, CA
     San Lorenzo, CA
     Stockton, CA
     Fairfield, CA
Boo Boo Records Inc
     San Luis Obispo, CA
Jackpot Records
     Portland, OR
Hi-Voltage Records
     Tacoma, WA

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16 Dec 2015

Our new album Purple comes out on Friday but starting today, we’d like to share the entire album with the world. We’re going to continue playing hide and seek, unless you are in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, in which case you can hear the album at Spiegel.de HERE.

If you are anywhere else in the world, we’re premiering every song on different websites throughout the day. To find the songs, search for #FindPurple on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. If you find one, share it!

The artwork in each of these videos was done by the incredibly talented Marald van Haasteren (more on him and his work to follow). You’ll also start to recognize his art when you receive your physical copies of Purple.

On that note, here is “Shock Me”.

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4 Dec 2015

Hear one of our new songs “Morningstar” below. It can also be streamed HERE (View in Germany, Austria, Swizerland HERE).

Pre-order PURPLE (out 12/18) on iTunes, Amazon, or from us and you will get an instant download of “Morningstar.”

The artwork featured on the left of the video below was done by the very talented Marald van Haasteren. More of his work for Baroness to follow.

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16 Nov 2015

Here’s “Shock Me” from our forthcoming album Purple (out December 18). Pre-order a digital version of Purple to receive an instant download of “Shock Me” and “Chlorine & Wine.”

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28 Aug 2015

We’re at the end of a two week tour in Europe, our longest break from touring since we started the band in 2003. It’s been really great to get back onstage; this past week has felt like a sort of homecoming. We’ve been down in a basement for the past two years, shivering and/or sweating out a new record. It’s an understatement to say that we are proud of the result, and we cannot wait for its release, so that we can finally begin to play these songs on tour for our audience.

It has taken three years to rebuild, restrengthen and reforge Baroness into a new form; and while the wait was grueling at times, it’s already been worthwhile. We needed to write an album that would push us forward, reinvigorate our creativity, and offer a further challenge for ourselves and our fans alike. We needed to write something exciting. We really set ourselves to task to trim fat, write better songs, and speak with a more direct and unique voice through our music.

We have never been nor will we ever be interested in following trends, adhering to stylistic rules or fitting securely in any format. Our goal is to write, record, and perform music that excites us. If we can get amped up and feel these songs in earnest, then we believe that you can too. Purple is the recorded experience of Baroness piecing ourselves back together in order to become something more than we had ever imagined we could be. In short, we are thrilled. We have never been as uniformly psyched-up by a record of ours as we are today. You will be hearing much more from us soon. ’Til the wheels fall off…

– Baroness


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