20 Nov 2017
“Try to Disappear” and “Morningstar” Picture Discs Pre-Orders Start Today

We are releasing “Try to Disappear” and “Morningstar” 12-inch picture discs on Tuesday, December 12 at your local independent record shop in the US. The cover art for these two picture discs, along with those of “Chlorine & Wine” and “Shock Me,” will complete the album cover art of PURPLE.

In addition to being available at select independent record stores (US), there will be a limited quantity available in the Baroness web store HERE, where you will also find the “Chlorine & Wine” and “Shock Me” picture discs. Starting today at 2pmET, pre-orders of the “Try to Disappear” and “Morningstar” vinyl will be available in our shop.

• “Try to Disappear” 12” Picture Disc:
Side A: “Try to Disappear” / Side B: “Try to Disappear” (Live)

• “Morningstar” 12” Picture Disc:
Side A: “Morningstar" / Side B: “Morningstar" (Demo)

• Limited copies of each made

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5 Jun 2017

Morningstar with Gina.

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4 Dec 2015

Hear one of our new songs “Morningstar” below. It can also be streamed HERE (View in Germany, Austria, Swizerland HERE).

Pre-order PURPLE (out 12/18) on iTunes, Amazon, or from us and you will get an instant download of “Morningstar.”

The artwork featured on the left of the video below was done by the very talented Marald van Haasteren. More of his work for Baroness to follow.

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