20 Nov 2017

“Try to Disappear” and “Morningstar” Picture Discs Pre-Orders Start Today

We are releasing “Try to Disappear” and “Morningstar” 12-inch picture discs on Tuesday, December 12 at your local independent record shop in the US. The cover art for these two picture discs, along with those of “Chlorine & Wine” and “Shock Me,” will complete the album cover art of PURPLE.

In addition to being available at select independent record stores (US), there will be a limited quantity available in the Baroness web store HERE, where you will also find the “Chlorine & Wine” and “Shock Me” picture discs. Starting today at 2pmET, pre-orders of the “Try to Disappear” and “Morningstar” vinyl will be available in our shop.

• “Try to Disappear” 12” Picture Disc:
Side A: “Try to Disappear” / Side B: “Try to Disappear” (Live)

• “Morningstar” 12” Picture Disc:
Side A: “Morningstar" / Side B: “Morningstar" (Demo)

• Limited copies of each made