18 Aug 2023

“Shine” Out Now 

We’re excited to share another song from our forthcoming album STONE. “Shine” is out now and you can listen to it everywhere HERE.

STONE is out September 15th. Pre-save the album and pre-order vinyl HERE.

When I first started it, I based the whole song on a little piece of music from Aphex Twin, like a little synth only composition. I just took those chords because I liked them and decided to make a whole song out of it. I thought the whole time that I was writing it that I was writing a simple song, but once the four of us got together in the AirBNB studio that we produced this record in, and got into the jamming sessions, where we had to take all these pieces and put them together to make a song, it became one of the more complicated arrangements on the record. There’s a lot of little parts, there’s lot of little bells and whistles, and specifics that happen in the song. At the end of it, it’s got arguably my favorite chorus on the entire record. The chorus is somewhat simple and it has an emotional power that I’m always hoping that I can achieve when I write a song.

Art by John Dyer Baizley