15 Sep 2023


Our new album STONE is out now via Abraxan Hymns. Listen everywhere HERE and/or grab a copy on vinyl, CD or cassette HERE.

We’re also pleased to share the official video for our new single “Anodyne.” Watch the video HERE or below.

We partnered with Rough Trade and independent record stores, with each offering their own STONE vinyl color. Shop all retailers HERE.

Last Word
Beneath the Rose
The Dirge
Under the Wheel

We’re thrilled to finally release our new record STONE into the wild. Waiting throughout these past several months for release day has been excruciating. STONE was created over the course of just over two years, during which we shed a tremendous amount of blood, sweat and tears for our musical vision to achieve this resulting album. It was an intensely personal, intuitive and collaborative effort which brought the four of us even closer as bandmates and friends and saw us finally utilize our full creative skills to write, record and produce a record during a very challenging period of world events. We are sincerely proud of this achievement; we genuinely hope that all the diligent work, personality and character that we poured into this project creates a thrilling adventure for the listener. We cannot wait to bring STONE out on the road and witness these songs come to life on stage. Please visit your local independent record store to pick up a copy. We’ll see you out there on the road soon enough…

With Love,
John, Gina, Nick and Sebastian of Baroness

Art by John Dyer Baizley