5 Oct 2016


The 22nd edition of Roadburn Festival will take place April 20-23 at the 013 Venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands and Baroness will be performing. Tickets will go on sale Thursday, October 20. For those who are able to pick up tickets in Tilburg in person, tickets will be available at the 013 Venue in Tilburg starting at 6:30pm local time. Tickets will go on sale online at 9pm local time (8pm UK / 3pmET / 12pmPT) HERE.

Additionally, John will be the 2017 festival curator, hand picking the bands that have had an impact on him and presenting them to Roadburn attendees. John explains, “It is such a high honor to have even been considered for the role; I feel genuinely privileged to have fostered so many wonderful relationships within the microcosmic-world that surrounds this incredibly unique festival. Without revealing anything too specific concerning the lineup, I can confidently say that the groundwork that Walter and I have laid in the preceding months is staggering, both in its scope and its diversity. I could never have dreamed that I’d get to communicate with, let alone invite and present so many incredible bands during this one consolidated musical event. I am proud to have the opportunity to showcase so many of those artists, who have had an indelible impact on my own work, so many esteemed friends and tour-mates, and people/ bands with whom so many in our community share fundamental creative ideals.”