14 Jul 2023

“Beneath the Rose” Out Now

We’re excited to share another song from our forthcoming album STONE. “Beneath the Rose” is out now and you can listen to it everywhere HERE, and watch the official video HERE or below.

STONE is out September 15th. Pre-save the album and pre-order vinyl HERE.

This song is kind of a cool one because, when we were writing our last record, Gold & Grey, I had the outline for this song ready to go, but it didn’t quite work. We couldn’t figure out how to turn it into a full song at the time, so it was nice to dust off the bones of the song and breathe new life into it for STONE. It’s always nice to go back to a song that you’ve always felt had a potential, but you never saw through. It’s loosely based lyrically on a poem by George Eliot.

Directed by Baroness
Edited by John Baizley and Nick Jost

 Art by John Dyer Baizley